The Truth about Common Weight Loss Fallacies

Not all popular statements are true. For instance, many of us thought the following fitness and diet-related statements are factual; but they are fallacies. Let us explain further.

Fallacy: If you exercise for long hours every day, you will lose weight fast.

Truth: Anything excessive is unhealthy. Our body requires enough rest to recover from training and fitness routines. Doctors also say that over exercising increases the levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone that triggers the body to store fat. A personal trainer for weight loss would probably recommend 3-5 days of training or exercise per week to achieve your fitness goals in a healthy way.

Fallacy: You should purse a low carbohydrate diet to lose weight.

Truth: We should never eliminate carbohydrates, especially those that contain fiber, a food component that helps us feel full longer. Fiber helps suppress our appetite which can contribute to healthy weight loss. Vegetables, whole grains and fruits are carbohydrate and fiber-dense foods. Aside from their weight loss benefits, they are also packed with vitamins, minerals and energy that our body requires to function at its best.

Fallacy: Cardio is so much better than weight lifting.

Truth: Both cardio and weight lifting are essential in losing weight and getting fit. We burn fat while doing cardio but the moment we stop, the process of burning fat stops as well. On the other hand, strength training helps people build muscles, keeps the metabolism active and also helps burn calories at rest.

Fallacy: Counting calories can do the magic.

Truth: Counting calories can lead to obsession on quantity rather than the quality of food intake. It can also trigger binge eating after quite some time because your mind and body would feel deprived. Although counting calories works wonders on some, it is not a sustainable weight loss option. Calorie counting promotes eating less than your body requires. Thus, you would most likely feel week and unable to do strength training workouts.

Fallacy: Eat only three times a day. Forget about snacks.

Truth: Eating healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits, yogurt, cucumber and celery is vital in keeping a fast metabolism. It can also help you stay attentive and full all day long. Just be mindful of your portions or you’ll regret it later on.


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