5 Simple Ways to Celebrate International Family Day

Did you know that May 15 is the International Day of Families? In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly implemented the resolution A/RES/47/237 to declare this date as the international commemorative day for families. It is meant to increase awareness in issues that affect families worldwide, including social, economic, and demographic challenges.

If you are planning to join the world in celebrating this day with your family and loved ones this year, here are some ideas on how you can make it special and fun for every member of your family.

  • Cook a special dinner for your family – Special family dinners should not be limited to holidays and birthdays. Gather your family to involve them in preparing your special dinner, from buying the ingredients you need to preparing the food and cooking all the meals. This activity fosters cooperation and unity among your family members, and you get to enjoy the fruit of your hard work as a family afterwards.
  • Embark on an out-of-town trip – Road trips with the family are fun and memorable, though planning one may take more time and effort. However, the memories and happy times you get to have with your loved ones are definitely priceless! You can go camping with the family, explore a new place all together, or hit the beach with the whole family.
  • Staycation – If you do not want to go somewhere far but you still want to have new experiences with your family, try doing a staycation. Book a family room at a hotel for a night or two and fully enjoy its amenities, such as a swimming pool and jacuzzi. Staying at a posh hotel room with your family is also a great way to relax and bond together.
  • Dare to try a new adventure – Want to try new activities that will only last for a day? Well, the zoo is a popular option, but if you want to have a novel experience, try the following:
    1) Escape rooms – These are adventure-type games wherein participants are confined in a room. In order to get out, they need to find clues and solve puzzles within the time limit and given rules. This will surely test your family’s ability to think quickly and work together!2) Trampoline parks – Many children have fond memories of bouncing up and down a trampoline. Want your kids to have fun while you get to relive these happy times? Visit a trampoline park with your family. The good thing is these trampoline parks are professionally managed and fully equipped to guarantee the security of your family.3) Ball pit – Much like trampolines, ball pits are making a comeback – and it’s for all ages! Bring your whole family and swim in a giant pit of balls. There are many different features available now, such as humongous slides that adults can also try!

    4) Paintball – If your family is leaning on the competitive side, maybe you should try doing paintball games with them. Divide your family into two groups and see which one will get the higher number of hits! Make it more fun by imposing a consequence on the losing team (e.g., they need to wash the dishes for the whole week).

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