Top 4 Romantic Gifts for Your Special Someone

Marriage counsellors and behavioural experts say many couples tend to forget to make their partners feel appreciated, as they get caught up in their daily routines and become overly familiar with each other. Experts say it is essential for couples to continue to exert effort and make special gestures for their loved one, whether there is an occasion or not. So, if you want to keep the fire burning in your relationship, give these smart and proven romantic gift ideas a try!


There is no better way to make an ordinary day extraordinary than a bouquet of beautiful flowers. More so, if these are arranged by an expert florist! Whether it is a bunch of roses, tulips, or peonies, such lovely flowers are sure to put a smile on your special someone’s face. Send flowers to your partner even if it is not her birthday or it is not Valentine’s Day. Doing so will make the gesture feel extra special, as the only reason you can have for sending the flowers is because you remember and treasure the other person. If you need ideas on what flowers to pick, visit and view their wide selection of flowers for all occasions.

Scented candles

Give your special someone a scented candle to help them relax. Scented candles come in a variety of artistic forms and release different relaxing and fragrant scents. The warm and attractive lighting they provide also create the perfect, romantic ambiance for both of you. You can complement this gesture with a massage for your partner. Another option is to give them scented bath bombs, so they can release all the fatigue and stress they’re feeling once they soak in the tub.


Presenting your loved one with a bottle of their favourite scent is guaranteed to earn you brownie points. It is both a generous and thoughtful gesture, and it can surely make the recipient feel special and loved, as you took the time to go out and choose a perfume especially for them. You can pick their favourite scent, or you can choose something that you think would totally suit them and their personality.

If your special someone is a bookworm or a bibliophile (a person who has immense love for books), then there is no doubt as to what will make them absolutely happy! You can gift them with a copy of love poems penned by Pablo Neruda, a world famous Chilean poet and diplomat. Another great choice is to give them a book that compiles the love letters of French military genius and emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, to his wife, Josephine.